If there is one thing about the human spirit, it is the fact that it can be the most fragile thing in the universe, as well as being indomitable in nature when the going gets tough. In fact, it is the sense of adventure within the bosom of the adventurous to go out and break new records, forge new frontiers and explore new worlds. Since records are there to be broken, a 20 year old land speed record recently fell to the efforts of the Sunswift eVe from Australia.


First of all, it must be established that this land speed record which we are talking about here happens to deal with electric cars, and not those gas powered ones, or a jet engine that has some wheels strapped on to it. Rather, the Australian-made Sunswift eVe that hails from NSWU managed a highly respectable 62MPH across a distance of 500km on a test circuit, which is by leaps and bound ahead of the previous best of 45MPH.

Of course, this particular achievement will need to wait for the final FIA verification. Still, there is more potential in the Sunswift eVe especially when you take into consideration its integrated 800-watt solar panels have been turned off for this EV-only record attempt. [Press Release]

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