reversible lightningAccording to the rumors, one of the accessories Apple plans on shipping with the iPhone 6 is its reversible USB Lightning cable. However as we mentioned before, despite Apple having a patent for the accessory, the fact that a similar accessory already exists could cause Apple some legal issues upon its release.

However it seems that might not be Apple’s only problem. According to reports, it seems that some manufacturers have since released reversible USB Lightning cables of their own which looks similar to what Apple is rumored to offer to iPhone 6 owners and future iOS users. One of the manufacturers is Truffol and they have begun selling these cables on their website for $9.99.

Naturally and unsurprisingly Truffol’s cable has not been approved or certified, meaning that it does not fall under Apple’s Made for iPhone program. However the folks at Truffol have confirmed to MacRumors that the cable will work for both current iOS devices and the upcoming iPhone 6.

Of course it remains to be seen if Apple will indeed release a reversible USB LIghtning cable of their own, but even if the rumors were to fall flat on their faces, we guess at the very least iPhone 6 owners have third-party alternatives that they can turn to.

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