TMNT_PartyWagon_NESNow that the latest instalment of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) has hit the silver screen, topping the box office chart over the weekend, are you first timers to the TMNT world interested in checking out just what the original TMNT delivered? Platinumfungi, a modder who is also known as Ryan Fitzpatrick, has come up with something that will get TMNT fans all dew-eyed with his customized TMNT Party Wagon. This is no ordinary TMNT Party Wagon, make no mistake about it, since it happens to be housing an actual working NES console within.

The TMNT Party Wagon here happens to be the toy version that the Turtles’ used as they made their way around the streets of New York City. It took a month of work and research as well as design decisions that would ultimately allow a NES console to fit within, and more importantly, work without any kind of flaws.

Not only that, the headlights and passenger compartment will also light up for that added touch of realism, and there are moveable/removeable parts such as the armored windshield, guns, side mirrors and radar. The custom painted NES controllers were also specially handled to offer a match to the Party Wagon. Definitely one of the cooler custom consoles we have seen to date.

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