armyrocketIt does not take too long for one to be able to figure out that in life, there will be curveballs thrown our way whether we like it or not. What is more important would be how we deal with such tricky situations that could end up as a banana peel disaster. Well, one of the latest negative news to have filtered down to the masses concerning the military would be a U.S. Army rocket that carried an experimental hypersonic weapon actually exploded not too long after it took off from a launch complex in Kodiak, Alaska.

It was not due to some long range enemy attack, or a malfunctioning anti-missile defense system going nuts, but rather, the Defense Department indicated that this unfortunate incident happened due to a flight anomaly, and officials are currently on the lookout for the reason behind such an anomaly. It was said that the explosion happened approximately 12 miles from the launch site, and thankfully, nobody was hurt and no lives were lost – just some wounded pride not to mention one experimental hypersonic weapon being destroyed just like that.

Hopefully the DoD would be able to figure out how to prevent something like this from ever happening again in the future, and that such an experimental weapon would be a success so that the U.S. would gain the capability of letting conventional weapons hit a target within an hour regardless of where it was fired. Now that is a scary thought, and Halloween isn’t even here yet.

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