army-mini-droneDrones are far more than just to capture scenic shots of your surroundings, or to deliver a torrent of hellfire onto the enemy behind their lines, as they would also be able to help you snap some pretty unique selfies without the need for a selfie stick. Well, it seems that the military will soon get a new application for drones, as US Army soldiers are said to be on the receiving end of really small drones by the time 2018 comes to a close.

Forget about those massive machines that can be controlled remotely while carrying a payload which can wipe out an entire village in a backwater area – it looks like the US Army is looking into working on far smaller drones – also known as Soldier Borne Sensors officially. Such tiny drones would be of a huge help to infantry when it comes to gathering intelligence on a small scale, including checking out just what lies beyond that hillock, or whether there are any threats that one needs to be aware of right around the corner of a building.

The goal for the moment, assuming the posts do not shift? A drone that can do reconnaissance work without weighing more than 0.3lbs, can be launched in sixty seconds and has a battery life of 15 minutes at the bare minimum.

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