The U.S. Army would obviously like its soldiers to read up on all of the training manuals that they’re providing. However, it now appears to have realized that there’s a better way of transmitting that same information, and that is with the use of audiobooks. They’re extremely popular and with good reason, you can multi-tasking while listening to an audiobook. The U.S. Army has released its first audiobook versions of training manuals.

It’s surprising to think that this hasn’t already been the case. The Training and Doctrine Command’s Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD) has released audiobook versions of two training manuals for the very first time.

It’s conducting this experiment to see whether audiobooks will be effective in transmitting the same information to soldiers. The idea came from a brainstorming session over a year ago to find new ways to provide information to soldiers.

The FM 3-0, Operations and ADP 7-0, Training manuals are now available in audiobook format. It’s possible to listen to them through CADD’s website. You can always get the text versions as well. The former explains the doctrine for how the armed force operates on the field while the latter is about the process of training. It may not make good reading for members of the public but it’s essential for the soldiers.

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