The US Army has been tested advanced night vision technology which will enable soldiers to shoot around corners even when their visibility is impaired on the battlefield. The technology is being put through its final round of user testing before it enters full-rate production and deployment in the field later this year.

The Enhanced Night Vision Goggles – Binocular (ENVG-B) will be put to the test at the last of ten limited user events. The first unit to deploy with this system is thought to be an armored brigade combat team which is due to deploy to South Korea later this year in the fall.

These new night vision goggles feature dual-tubed binoculars which provide improved depth perception and increase situational awareness. There are white phosphorous tubes for higher resolution compared to the conventional green glow of night vision goggles. The improved thermal capabilities will let the soldiers see through fog, dust or smoke.

The new goggles can be directly connected to the Family of Weapon Sights-Individual for Rapid Target Acquisition. The picture-in-picture setup will thus enable soldiers to point their weapon around the corner to either observe or fire on targets without leaving their position.

The Army adds that the technology “enables Soldiers to detect, recognize and engage targets accurately from any carry position and with significantly reduced exposure to enemy fire.” Augmented reality is also an option for these goggles which will enable the Army to use them as a virtual reality platform for training.

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