youtube-100hoursWe have long heard the rumors that Google is planning on launching a music subscription service via YouTube, although to date nothing concrete has surfaced yet. However according to a recent report from Android Police, several details about the upcoming service have surfaced, and given their track record when it comes to leaks/rumors, perhaps there could be some truth to them.

Starting with the name, the service is expected to be called YouTube Music Key. It will offer features that can be found on other subscription services, like saving songs and videos for offline listening, ad-free playback, an audio-only interface for when you are multitasking, and so on for a price of $9.99 a month.

It is also expected that once the service launches, the $9.99 subscription fee will cover both YouTube Music Key and Google Play Music Key, which is said to be the rebranded version of Google Play All Access. According to Android Police, the difference between either service is that YouTube Music Key will go beyond just the artist’s discography.

It is expected to provide access to additional content such as concert footage, remixes, covers, and so on, which is pretty much what users can already find themselves (sometimes unofficially) on YouTube. Unfortunately there is still no word on when YouTube Music Key is expected to be launched, but we will be keeping our eyes peeled for more information.

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