icloudAccording to a report earlier today, it seemed that due to an alleged iCloud hack, a variety of celebrity photos were compromised. Many of the photos involved nudity, although some celebrities have claimed that they were fake, but at the same time some did come forward acknowledging the authenticity of them.

That being said, Apple has since issued a statement claiming that they are actively looking into the matter. According to Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris, “We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report.” It has also been noted that whatever flaw or vulnerability that the hacker found has since been closed.

While Apple has yet to officially mention what it was that allowed the hack into iCloud, some have speculated that it could have been due to a flaw/vulnerability in the Find my iPhone feature that allowed the hacker to gain access to certain iCloud accounts. The Next Web also reports that a software called iBrute allowed the hacker to carry out brute-force attacks against iCloud and gaining access.

Some have criticized Apple and claimed that this was a straightforward attack that could have been easily avoided. According to Darien Kindlund, the director of threat research at FireEye, he claims that if there had been a two-factor authentication system, the problem could have been avoided. He adds, “In general Apple has been a little late to the game in offering this kind of protection, and doesn’t advertise it. You have to dig through the support articles to find it.”

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