iphone 6Prior to the iPhone 6 being launched, it was speculated that the new iPhones could be shipped with reversible USB cables and new chargers that would support faster charging. Unfortunately both the rumors fell flat on their faces, although in the case of the latter, it was somewhat true.

According to the folks at iLounge, they discovered that the new iPhones have been equipped with the necessary hardware that would allow them to support 2.1A charging, thus allowing them to be charged faster which makes sense as both phones do feature larger batteries. However it was also discovered that unfortunately Apple has only include a 1A charger in the box.

Now the good news is that if you have an iPad, you will be able to use the charger for the iPad to charge your new iPhones as it will be able to take advantage of extra power. Alternatively it has also been discovered that plugging it into a computer running on OS X Yosemite will facilitate the faster charging as well.

For those with neither an iPad charger or a Mac with OS X Yosemite, we guess you can either keep using the default charger, which would charge slower, or you can always head on over to an Apple store and pick up an iPad charger for yourself albeit at extra cost.

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