com1-watchThe smartwatch industry is certainly heating up, what with the most recent high profile announcement coming in the form of the Apple Watch last week. Here is the Com 1 smartwatch that will run on the Android Wear platform, and it right now remains as an Indiegogo project, requiring more funding before it can be realized.

The Com 1 smartwatch will arrive in a square shape, and it does share some sort of family resemblance to a machined unibody notebook alongside the G Watch from LG. It will run on Google’s Android Wear operating system, and we’re pleased to note that you can shower or go swimming with the Com 1 since it is water resistant with an IP67 rating.

Underneath the shell, lies a 1GHz XBurst-based Ingenic JZ4775 processor, which will be accompanied by a gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, pedometer, GPS, heart rate sensor, and a pressure, humidity, and temperature sensor. A 400mAh battery will keep it going, and the entire device has been rated to run for up to 2 days before it requires a recharge. Your eyes will dance along to the 1.6-inch AMOLED display with a 320 X 320 resolution, and it is hoped to ship by January next year if no delays squeeze their way into the schedule.

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