occulus-vr-dk2-002The Oculus Rift at the moment is still in its developer kit phase, meaning that it isn’t quite ready for the masses yet as presumably the company still has a lot of work left to do and a lot of cleaning up as well in terms of its design. Unfortunately there is no word on when the Oculus Rift could become mainstream, but according to a report from TechRadar, they claim that the consumer version Oculus Rift could be released as a public beta by the summer of 2015.

Their sources have told them that April 2015 was a possible date, although they noted that it could be likely that it might be pushed down to summer as the dates have yet to be finalized, and presumably this is based on the assumption that everything goes well from now until then. The headset is also rumored to be limited at launch as they are looking to gauge the reaction from consumers and retailers before making more units available.

When TechRadar reached out to the company to comment on the matter, the company refused to provide a comment, which we guess could be a quiet acknowledgement of sorts, but then again we are only speculating so do take this with a grain of salt for now. As far as pricing is concerned, last we heard the Oculus Rift could be priced anywhere between $200-$400.

According to the Oculus Rift’s creator, Palmer Luckey, the goal is to try and make the device as cheap as possible, which in turn would allow it to become more accessible to gamers and thus reaching out to a wider audience.

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