Cortana is Microsoft’s relatively new virtual private assistant that’s exclusive to its Windows Phone platform for now, though rumor has it that Cortana will be coming to Windows 9 as well. The company is evidently committed to improving its feature set as it has said in the past that Cortana will be updated twice a month at the very least. This will be done to ensure that Cortana keeps on evolving. The latest feature it has received as a result of this is the ability to define words.

Using the new feature is pretty simple. Just fire up Cortana and ask it to “Define” and say the word out loud. It will search online and bring back the relevant definition.

This feature can actually be quite useful for those who are trying to learn the English language. Cortana is pretty quick is fetching the results and it also takes the pain out of launching a separate app or accessing Google or any other search engine to find the correct definition.

Reports suggests that at this point in time this feature hasn’t gone live across all markets in which Cortana is available right now, some claimed to not be able to get Cortana to define a word in the UK.

With rapid upgrades for Cortana Microsoft aims to bring it at par, and take it above, Apple’s Siri. Many would agree that its on the right path with this strategy.

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