hardhatWhen it comes to wearable technology, we are pretty well versed with the different kinds of devices, ranging from smartwatches (Moto 360, anyone?) to smart glasses. How about the smart helmet? This is what the DAQRI Hardhat 2.0 smart helmet is all about, being one of the more recent Android-powered wearables that have emerged lately. Thanks to DAQRI, the Hardhat 2.0 will come with a visor, cameras and sensors, and it has been specially designed to be used by those who happen to work at tough areas like construction sites and the works.

How much will it cost though? DAQRI president Andy Lowery has promised that the company will “spare no expense” when it comes to churning out this particular wearable technology, which means we could be looking at a potential price tag of thousands of dollars. Running on a pair of Snapdragon processors, the Hardhat 2.0 can be paired to a smartphone or a smartwatch. It can visually superimpose instructions on the visor, and engineers would find this handy as they repair a complex piece of machinery.

Not only that, the Hardhat 2.0 can also double up as a useful tool when performing inspections of expensive equipment prior to a product being shipped. Data is subsequently saved on flash cartridges, so fret not about all of those going to waste. Expect the DAQRI Hardhat 2.0 smart helmet to roll out next month.

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