eeg-maskElectroencephalography, otherwise known as EEG, happens to be one of the better known methods when it comes to assessing one’s brain function. However, applying the electrodes onto the scalp and to have it function accurately is not exactly as easy as it looks to be, and is hardly ever used when it comes to clinical practice. In the event of an emergency, being able to figure out how the brain continues to perform after a trauma could go a long way in stemming the possibility of long term neurological damage. Researchers from University of Eastern Finland have come up with a brand new EEG electrode face mask that is a snap to wear, and not only that, it delivers a chart of brain activity in a jiffy.


This particular mask is made up of a flexible polyester film where silver ink was applied via screen printing. There will be 16 hydrogel-coated electrodes that will make direct contact with majority of the hair-free segments of the face, and even better is, there is no need for any kind of extra gel to be applied in order to achieve adequate levels of contact.

The ingredients will ensure that the mask MRI and CT are compatible, so that the patient will be able to be moved between different modalities in a jiffy even as brain waves are being monitored. This is a disposable face mask, making it ideal for use during emergencies.

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