In the digital age, we’re sure you find it difficult to focus on a number of important tasks on a regular basis as studying for an exam or being able perform a task at work without looking at your phone is nearly impossible. But a new high-tech headband is being introduced as a way to help not only track, but improve your focus.


The headband is called Melon and is a wireless device that is able to read and measure your brain activity by using EEG. It’s able to detect a user’s focus, and based on the data it receives, is able to provide personalized information on how they can improve their focus through an application. Co-creator Arye Barnehama believes Melon is a product people would want to use as it’s able to take invisible information, in this case, a user’s brain, and turning it into something visible in order to help change their behavior.

Melon is currently seeking $100,000 in Kickstarter funding, which we’re sure they’ll achieve their goal considering they’re nearly $10,000 away from it with 27 days to go. If you’d like to get in on this campaign, a pledge of $79 will get you the Melon and its app.

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