It is safe to say that when we talk about Corning, most people would associate the company with their Gorilla Glass that has seen plenty of action across a wide range of smartphone models and tablets, but the company is a whole lot more than just Gorilla Glass. Their latest invention? Fibrance, which is capable of literally lighting up your devices – in a good way, of course, and nothing of the pyrotechnic sort.

When merged with the right kind of technology, Fibrance might end up as an extension of our smart devices. The Fibrance is actually an extremely thin optical fiber which creates “vibrant, colorful light.” It is more than capable of releasing gorgeous lighting, and is also thin and flexible enough to have it strand its way through a range of products, including clothing, headphones, vehicles, appliances, and wearables, among others.

It is the definite tool to use when one wants to spruce up or bling out a particular device, and imagine having a network of Fibrance lines in numerous colors being strung through our clothes. Living in a Tron-like world is going to get closer to being a reality than just remaining as a far-off fantasy now. [Press Release]

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