Google’s wearable device, Google Glass, has been around for quite some time now. Initially only a select few people were invited to participate in the Explorer Program. The company then expanded this program to bring in more “Explorers.” But a few months back Glass was finally opened up for sale and it was even made available across the pond in the UK. Now Google has listed Glass on its biggest storefront, the Google Play Store.


I should point out here that this isn’t really the commercial release that many people have been waiting for. The Explorer Edition was sold for $1,500 and if you want to purchase a unit from the Google Play Store you will still have to spend $1,500.

Google also mentions on the Play Store that this is the Explorer Edition, which makes it clear that this isn’t the commercial launch. However its available in all five colors, moreover customers will be able to purchase shades and earbuds as well for Glass from the Play Store. Customers get a free frame or shade with each purchase.

What about the commercial release then? Google hasn’t said when we can expect Glass to drop the Explorer Edition tag, and when the price tag would come down at a level when average consumers can think about picking up a unit. For $1,500, its not like people will be clamoring to buy one.

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