street-view-accidentGoogle’s Street View car might be involved in the seemingly noble work of capturing 360-degree images of roads across all major cities in the world, allowing the masses to actually explore a particular area without being there physically. It is an extremely useful tool to familiarize oneself with a particular neighborhood before you even step foot there for the first time, and if you’ve seen enough, you will be able to experience an uncanny sense of deja vu, so to speak. Well, it seems that a Google Street View car plying the busy Brazilian roads recorded an image of a young driver’s collision – and subsequent getaway.

Seated in the comfort of your own home as you take a digital walk through Blumenau in Brazil, you might be shocked to see images of a dramatic crash captured. A motorcyclist actually crashed right in front of the Google Street View car, and every single frame of the incident was captured. The person involved in the accident happened to be clad in a T-shirt and shorts, and while overtaking the Street View car, he tried to squeeze past the car in front only to find that there was not enough space, clipping the vehicle before falling off.

At least there are no allegations of this Street View car running over a human, as there were some involving a dog not too long ago.

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