chile-dog-streetviewGoogle’s Street View is a fantastic online service that allows one to check out other places worldwide, such as the iconic Angkor Wat, without having to pack and head for the airport. Well, in order to get such shots, Google has used what they call the Street View car in order to capture 360-degree shots of the places that they are covering. In fact, we have also seen some hilarious moments on Street View like a staged murder or on a more serious note, a cheating fiance, but has a Street View car actually run over a dog before while on its mission? Perhaps, if you check out the image above.

A bunch of images that do seem to depict a dog having been run over by a Street View photography car has kicked off an internal investigation – which is the least that Google ought to do, I suppose. It must be noted that these Street View cars have human drivers behind the wheels, and not those automated driving machines that have a license to speed. On a quiet suburban street in Chile, the alleged accident happened as one travels down a road called Meza Bell on your computer.

A yellow dog can be seen sprinting in front of the car, and when you head further down the road, the car’s rear-facing cameras has captured what looks like the very same dog, except that this time around, it is laying down near the pavement. It remains to be seen what transpired between those images, and a Google spokesperson shared, “We’ve taken security measures and have guidelines in place to protect people, and animals, as we drive thousands of kilometres to bring useful and relevant information to maps users around the world. We are reviewing the imagery to try to understand and maybe inform what happened.” Hopefully more light will be shed on this situation, and that the dog is actually all right.

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