Wearable devices are the new hot trend in the industry these days with the likes of Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony and now even Apple competing for a piece of the pie. HTC was reportedly interested in coming out with a smartwatch of its own later this year but recently it was rumored that the company has given up on its plans due to high research and development costs. It was also claimed that HTC believes it can’t compete in this particular market. A new report published today contradicts all of this.

Citing people familiar with the matter CNET reports that HTC is still working on a smartwatch and is planning to release it in early 2015, presumably around the same time when the Apple Watch hits the market.

The report goes on to claim that HTC is working on a smartwatch that “aims to stand out from the crowd.” How does it plan on doing that? By reportedly leaning on its design prowess and introducing features that “consumers will more immediately gravitate toward.”

The company declined to comment on the scribe’s report so there’s no official confirmation as yet regarding its wearable device plans. It didn’t clarify when reports were being circulated that HTC had given up on its smartwatch plans. We’ll have to keep a close eye on this since the company doesn’t look to be in the mood of making things clear for us.

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