hydrogen-cycleNow here is an idea that does make an appearance from time to time – that of fuel cell bicycles. The entire process to churn out such two wheelers that are practical is definitely not an easy one, otherwise we would have long seen the market flooded with such rides – not to mention to procure a little bit of hydrogen along the way. The latest iteration of the fuel cell bicycle comes in the form of the Hy-Cycle, which hails from Australia’s University of New South Wales.

The university’s researchers claim that the Hy-Cycle, a hydrogen fuel-cell bicycle, is capable of moving ahead for up to 80 miles on a full tank, which translates to roughly the equivalent of $2 of hydrogen. However, the trick lies in filling up the Hy-Cycle’s 2.5-kilogram-capacity canister with hydrogen, and credit to the researchers for making sure that hydrogen-storage capacity is boosted along the way.

In fact, four years ago, we did make mention of the Iwatani fuel cell bicycle, but somehow or rather, the general public never really managed to warm up to such an idea. Granted, the Iwatani’s design is far from perfect, and it looks more like a ride for the older generation which they younger ones might find it difficult to be seen riding one, but hopefully the idea will catch on in due time.

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