iphone 6_2As much as some mud slinging has already begun concerning the new iPhone 6 releases which point to 2012 specifications on select Android-powered devices, that has not stopped those who want one from picking it up. In fact, an Apple representative did mention to Re/code that the overnight sales of the new iPhones managed to hit a brand new record, although as usual, Apple declined to mention the exact figure of iPhones that were sold. A new record, hmmm? Without giving any metrics, do they mean a new record in the number of iPhones sold in one minute? Within the hour? Proper boundaries of a record must be stated in order for one to be able to make a fair assessment of the overall situation.

Apart from that, there is also AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel who mentioned that the demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus happen to be higher compared to what the mobile carrier has experienced in the past. We did report on how stock of the iPhone 6 Plus is in low supply, or perhaps even already fully depleted, which just goes to show that folks these days are used to the idea that a larger display on a smartphone is the better option.

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