I am sure that a lot of people like me are anxious to see what Apple has in store for us next week. The company has confirmed that its going to hold an event on September 9th where according to popular reports it is finally going to unveil the iPhone 6. There has been no shortage of rumors regarding this smartphone. A full crop of rumors about the iPhone 6 having a sapphire display has already made its run in the rumor mill but today an analyst claims that Apple may make the sapphire display exclusive to only the 64GB model of the iPhone 6.

It needs to be mentioned that there are conflicting reports regarding the usage of sapphire for iPhone 6 displays. Some have even claimed that displays made from this material won’t be used in iPhones until 2015.

Folks who are in support of sapphire displays say that its more robust, scratch resistant and shatter proof as opposed to Gorilla Glass that’s currently used in iPhones.

According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster Apple is going to kick things off with the sapphire display touting 64GB iPhone 6. It will look at the initial response before deciding whether or not the entire iPhone lineup has to be moved towards sapphire displays within the next two years.

As per Jaffray’s figures the sapphire display alone could make the larger iPhone 6 account for up to 30 percents of all units sold of the iPhone 6. This particular report doesn’t talk about whether or not this 64GB model will be of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6L. No word from Apple as yet on any of this.

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