While there is nothing much you can do if your iPhone 6 Plus has bent far more than expected, surely you will be able to think of a solution concerning the iPhone 6′s protruding camera? After all, Apple themselves allegedly airbrushed away the protruding camera of their new flagship, and while real life is not as simple as airbrushing away parts that we do not like, there is a more industrial solution as the YouTube video above depicts. Basically, the iPhone 6’s camera went face to face with a machine that eventually ground away the protruding bit of the camera – which is sure to elicit a wince or two from some of our readers.

While the end product is pretty much similar to that of the alleged airbrushed images that Apple portrayed concerning the iPhone 6, one can be pretty sure that the camera itself is no longer worth using to capture photos, no matter how great the photo quality was in the first place. This is truly taking matters into one’s own hands, and going a wee bit too far with the idea, don’t you think so?

Needless to say, this is not a stunt that should be pulled off at home, and it is one of the more creative ways to scar your brand new purchase for life.

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