iphone6assembled2One of the criticisms that people have about the iPhone is that the screens are too small. Even the bump to 4-inches did not exactly please many users as it was still a lot smaller compared to the competition out there. That will soon change with the iPhone 6, assuming the rumors are right, because Apple could offer 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch options.

While phones with larger displays are indeed welcome, not everyone might want them since a phone that is too large can be a bit cumbersome. Well over in Japan it turns out that the majority of customers surveyed have chosen the 5.5-inch model. The survey was conducted by MMD (via AppleInsider) and included responses from about 3,000 participants.

According to their findings, the majority of people they surveyed said they would prefer the 5.5-inch model – 41% to be exact. This is slightly more than double of those surveyed who preferred the 4.7-inch model at 20%. The remaining 39% said “other” which we guess could range from smaller to larger.

The Japanese market is an important one to Apple, especially with the NTT DOCOMO hopping on board the iPhone bandwagon just last year. The addition of the iPhone to the carrier’s network saw a rise in subscribers, showing that the iPhone is just as important to Apple as it is to carriers as well. In the meantime what do you guys think? Would you prefer the 5.5-inch more or the 4.7-inch? Or is there another size you’d prefer?

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