google-logo-2011-10-25Google might have started out as a humble search engine, but over the years, the company has expanded and evolved and are now known for many things. This includes providing online services like email, researching how to provide the whole world with internet, building self-driving cars, and more just to name a few.


However it seems that Google’s CEO Larry Page has decided that maybe Google itself isn’t big enough to handle all of that, and according to a report from The Information, Page has started up a project within Google called Google 2.0. This project has reportedly been started about a year ago and with Google 2.0, Page is hoping to explore some of the challenges faced by humanity today.

This includes topics such as how to build a more efficient airport and how to make a model city, all of which has also prompted the creation of Google Y, a second research and development lab. For those unfamiliar, this would be the successor to Google X which is the current R&D department that handles some of Google’s more outlandish ideas and projects.

For now it seems that Google 2.0 isn’t looking at their endeavors from a commercial point of view, at least not for now. We’re not sure if Google 2.0’s ambitions will ever come to fruition, but we’re all about addressing the challenges of humanity and it will be interesting to see if Google will be able to achieve that.

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