Leica+M-P_blackLeica is on a roll today, having introduced the likes of the Leica V-Lux (Typ 114), Leica D-Lux (Typ 109) and Leica M Edition 60, and this time around there is the Leica M-P that will further extend their reach in the world of the rangefinder camera segment. It will be based on the Leica M, making the Leica M-P look as though it was some sort of identical twin, and will deliver the entire slew of technical advantages that can be found in the Leica M-System alongside several additional features such as an enlarged buffer memory.

There is a reason for the ‘P’ in the naming convention, where it will point to the discreet and enduring design concept as the Leica M-P will be part of the Leica M-Cameras which have been thought up of to cater to professional photographers.

With the Leica M-P, it will feature 2GB of buffer memory capacity, which is double the amount found on the Leica M. This alone would be able to guarantee the Leica M-P to be ready to capture photos right from the get go, regardless of the situation. Hence, it is ideal to capture photos in rapid succession, since the image data is required to be buffered directly right after the shutter is released prior to writing to the SD memory card. In other words, users can be a whole lot more spontaneous regardless of the photographic situation.

The Leica M-P will arrive in a couple of different versions, where one can choose from a black-paint version while the other has a more restful, traditional silver chrome look. [Press Release]

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