macroAccording to a video we saw yesterday, it attempted to show the various speed improvements that Apple has made to their iPhones over the years and it was somewhat fascinating to watch, and also interesting to note that the oldest iPhone was not necessarily the slowest. So now that speed is out of the way, what about its camera?

Well thanks to a post by Lisa Bettany, the cofounder of the Camera+ app, she has taken the liberty to compare photos taken by every iPhone Apple has ever made. All the photos are of the same subject and placed side by side, as you can see in the image above, and boy are the results pretty telling!

lowlightThe photo comparisons compare a variety of photo types, such as macro, backlit subjects, daylight, lowlight, and etc. It should be noted that the photos taken were using the Camera+ app which does come with certain features the default camera app does not, but other than that it should be more or less accurate as to what users can expect from their devices.

As you can see, Apple has made very obvious improvements over the years. For the most part the iPhone 6 walked away the clear winner with more balanced colors and sharper details, as well as it amazing lowlight performance as far as iPhones are concerned, but what do you guys think? Is there an iPhone which managed to take photos you consider to be superior?

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