Reddit probably has one of the most loyal user base of any online property, which also happens to be one of the most diverse. There’s a section on reddit that’s known as AMA or Ask Me Anything. Here celebrities, scientists, professors, politicians and others hold their sessions where they get to interact directly with reddit users. A new reddit iOS app has been released today just for AMAs, the aim is to make reading these threads much more easy.


Whenever someone particularly intriguing is conduction an AMA session on reddit the thread tends to go out of hand. Uncountable questions are posted and obviously not every single question gets an answer. Moreover other users jump in between with their hilarious comments often laced with pop culture references that those who are only interested in the AMA questions and answers only are left with having to do quite a bit of scrolling.

The new reddit iOS app for AMAs changes the game. This app can be used to filter out the questions that have not been answered by the person conducting the AMA. Basically this means that users can read the entire question and answer session as if they were reading an interview on a conventional online property.

For now the reddit iOS app developed just for AMAs is available on iOS only, the Android version is expected later this week.

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