Bluetooth-speakerWhile audiophiles might prefer speakers and headphones that are wired as they believe this results in better quality audio over wireless streaming, there are some users out there who prefers Bluetooth audio products as it eliminates the need for wires. That being said if you’re looking for a set of Bluetooth speakers or headphones, Sony has recently announced the BSP10 Bluetooth speaker and the SBH60 Bluetooth headset.


Starting with the BSP10, as you can see in the image above it is pretty small and sports a rather sleek-looking design. The speaker measures 78x60mm and weighs 300g, which is admittedly rather hefty for its size. It will feature the standard controls like power, volume, and even a button to answer calls with. It will also support NFC connectivity, Qi charging and is priced at around $129.

Bluetooth-headset-whiteMoving on to the SBH60 Bluetooth headset, this headset will come with a 9mm thin headband and will weigh 125g. There will also be built-in buttons on the headset that allows users to adjust the volume, pause or play music, and thanks to a 3.5mm port, it will also play nicely with devices without Bluetooth or in the event that you want to turn it off.

Sony has also designed the headphones to have wind and noise reduction, although if you truly wanted to eliminate outside sound you should probably look towards noise cancelling headphones. The headphones will also sport a rechargeable battery that will last 13 hours, according to Sony. Pricing of the SBH60 is set at $81, although at the moment both the speakers and headphones are only available in the UK. No word on when they will be arriving stateside.

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