halo-smartwatchWhile we know that Halo is a game franchise on the Xbox platform that has its fair share of fans, this is not some sort of patented name that cannot be used elsewhere. No sir, it looks as though the world of smartwatches have yet another interesting addition in the form of the Halo wristwatch that you see above. In terms of its design, it does look a whole lot more like a traditional timepiece compared to a modern day smartwatch like say, the Moto 360 from Motorola. Lonshine Technologies claims that the Halo is “the world’s first smart analogue watch,” which would translate to it telling the time using a mechanical quartz movement.

Underneath the watch’s face would be a transparent touchscreen display that will be able to deliver other smartwatch functions. For those who are mulling over this particular design decision, it would be pretty simple to deduce that this is but a unique and creative method of prolonging the Halo’s battery life. After all, when the smartwatch runs out of battery, you won’t be able to hook it up to your smartphone to synchronize, but at least the standard watch battery will continue to let its mechanical movement tick along. Sure, that might add to the bulk, but at least the idea works. No idea on pricing, but it ought to fall somewhere in the range of $300 thereabouts.

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