u2-invisible-650-430Just last week we heard the rumors that rock band U2 would be involved with Apple’s event on the 9th of September which could see the launch of the iPhone 6, the iWatch, and Apple’s rumored mobile payment services. However a spokesperson for the band came forward and claimed that U2 will not be involved with the event.

Interestingly enough despite an outright denial straight from the horse’s mouth, a recent report from The New York Times has once again suggested that U2 will indeed be playing a role at Apple’s event. They claim that the band will be playing at the event, but the band’s upcoming album will also be integrated into Apple’s products, which is pretty much what the rumors last week were about.

However instead of denying the rumors, The New York Times writes that spokesmen for both Apple and U2 had declined to comment on the matter, which seems to be something of a quiet confirmation, but then again we’re just speculating and for all we know, the information could be wrong.

Earlier reports had suggested that the building at the Flint Center that Apple is erecting could be a sound stage of sorts where U2 could perform. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but with only hours to go until Apple makes it all official, we guess we won’t have to wait too long to find out the truth!

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