There’s a clear trend in the market that most companies are now trying to follow. In the mobile space wearable devices are leading the charge. In connected object such devices are coming up which aim to propel our homes in the internet age. Withings Home is one such connected object. The nifty little device acts as a smart nanny, thanks to its HD camera, array of sensors and internet connectivity feature.

Withings Home has a 5 megapixel camera capable of HD video recording with an ultra wide 135° angle. It can also be used for clear two-way talk as the device has 2 digital microphones. This would allow parents to keep an eye on their little children when they come back from school and they have yet to return for work. The camera’s live stream can be accessed through the iOS app and two way talk feature can be used to communicate.

It is also capable of sensing the presence of people thanks to its motion and noise sensors, which are sensitive enough that the Withings Home can switch on merely on the sound of a cry. When the Home’s sensors are triggered it automatically records the event and stores the video in the cloud, it also sends a notification to all configured smartphones so that you know immediately what’s up.

It is also capable of measuring indoor air quality through its Volatile Organic Compounds sensor which can give a reading on the companion app regarding presence of air contaminants inside the house.

Withings Home will be sold through select retailers and the company’s own website for $219. It will integrate with Apple’s HomeKit platform for home automation in iOS 8.

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