When it rains, all we’d have to do is whip out our umbrellas and we’ll stay relatively dry. However umbrellas when opened tend to be bulky and can get in the way of other people walking about with their umbrellas too. It’s a minor inconvenience, sure, but it seems that a new Kickstarter project has surfaced that hopes to revolutionize the umbrella industry.

Dubbed the Air Umbrella, the goal of this umbrella is to help keep the rain away from its user by simply blowing a stream of air around the user that will supposedly prevent rain from touching them. Does it sound a little unbelievable? Well we suppose it does, but according to the demonstration video above, it looks like it could work.

However its creators have stated that the device is currently in its R&D phase, meaning that there could still be some kinks left to work out, and that it should be good enough to fit up to 2 people under its “shield”, although there is a controller at the base of the umbrella that allows users to adjust the size/power of the air emitted.

On one hand it sounds like an intriguing idea, although we’re not sure if other people would appreciate having water splashed or redirected onto them from the umbrella, but if you’re interested in taking a look at the project, check out the video above or head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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