angry-birds-movieIt was in May last year that we brought you a snippet on how there will be an extension of Rovio’s hugely popular Angry Birds mobile game franchise, where it has seen the likes of accessories and apparel released, and that extension would arrive in the form of a motion picture that will be based on the Angry Birds premise. It does make me wonder whether there will be an engaging story line involved, and surely it will be more interesting than that of the Tetris movie? Apparently, the movie will feature a slew of comedic talent that we will take a look in greater detail right after the jump.

Needless to say, it is always better to start with a few central characters right from the get go in order to establish a base, or a rapport with the audience. There will be three birds at first, and they are Red (Jason Sudeikis, Horrible Bosses), the fast Chuck (Josh Gad, Jobs) and their friend with a relatively short fuse, Bomb (Danny McBride, Eastbound & Down). How did all of these details get “unlocked”? Well, this was made possible after the flinging of a whopping billion birds, allowing the so-called unlocking of the cast.

Others who will be involved in the movie would be maya Rudolph who voices Matilda, the white bird who can lay egg bombs, alongside Peter Dinklage who will be the massive Mighty Eagle. [Press Release]

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