applepay5According to a recently leaked memo, Apple Pay is rumored to go live come 18th of October, but in the meantime for those wondering how the service will work, the folks at 9to5Mac have recently detailed the process of setting up Apple Pay on your iPhone in a series of rather detailed screenshots that they have managed to obtain.


Now as you might have heard, Apple Pay will store your credit cards in the Passbook app. Users will be able to save a many as 8 credit/debit cards on their device and can either connect them through their iTunes account or by scanning it in using the phone’s camera. From there users will be able to view every cards’ transaction list, enable/disable notifications, and also have quick access to the bank’s phone number.

apple payUsers won’t have to worry about managing their credit/debit cards especially when one expires as Passbook will automatically be able to update the card with a new date issued by the credit card company. Users will receive a notification alerting them when the changes have been made.

The report goes on to note that Apple Store employees will receive training on the feature and will attempt to convince customers of its ease of use and the security. For example one of the training topics will include how to handle product returns using Apple Pay. There will also be a diagnostic tool that employees can use to check to see if Apple Pay is not working either due to a hardware issue or a bank/credit card issue.

It sounds like Apple has big plans for Apple Pay with banks and financial institutions expressing their confidence in the feature, although whether or not it will take off an revolutionize the mobile wallet scene remains to be seen, but we guess we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

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