fcc-in-flight-wi-fi-faster-reliableAccording to a report last year, the FAA finally relaxed the rules regarding the use of personal electronics during all stages of the flight. Previously passengers had to turn off their electronics during the takeoff and landing stages of the flight, but with the new ruling, passengers could use their electronics all the way through with no issue.

However it seems that flight attendants have taken issue with the new ruling, so much so that a lawyer for the flight attendants’ union has argued that aviation officials acted improperly when they cleared the use of electronics during all stages of the flight. It is being argued that the use of electronics has led to passengers being distracted from safety announcements.

They also argue that the electronic devices could become dangerous projectiles which will cause more objects to “fly around” the airplane cabin during turbulence, although a lawyer for the government argued that this was no different and no more dangerous than books which are allowed on flights.

While they do raise a good point, it seems that the judges who heard the case will not be overturning the FAA’s decision anytime soon. According to Judge Harry T. Edwards, he states, “Airlines have always had discretion on how to handle this.” But what do you guys think? Do you agree with the flight attendants that safety could be an issue if passengers are distracted during safety announcements?

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