chromecastBack in 2013, Google unveiled the Chromecast. For those unfamiliar, the Chromecast is a tiny dongle that can be plugged into a TV and then over WiFi, be used to stream content from sources such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and etc. This is great when you have movies and video clips that you’d rather enjoy on your TV as opposed to your phone’s small screen.

It has proven to be a pretty popular gadget due to its functionality, size, and price, which is why it does not seem completely out of the question to think that Google could be working on a second-generation Chromecast. This was hinted at by Google’s VP of product management, Mario Queiroz who spoke at GigaOm’s Structure Connect event this week.

While Queiroz did not mention the second-generation Chromecast specifically, he did reveal that Google is “building an ecosystem of different endpoints” and that other Chromecast devices are other endpoints that the company is looking at. Google has remained mum on the Chromecast v2, with the Chromecast team reluctant to divulge more information during their Reddit AMA session.

However given that Chromecast hardware did make an appearance at the FCC just last week, chances are it’s a matter of when the device will be announced, so hopefully we will learn more about it in the near future. In the meantime what kind of changes/new features would you like to see Google introduce to a second-gen Chromecast?

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