It does look as though there is a wee bit of CSI element in this particular toy from Takara Tomy of Japan – basically, the Kokoro Scanner, as it is called, is being marketed to be a lie detector. How does it tell whether you are fibbing or not? Well, the level of your current physiological disturbance will be shown off in a shade of different colors, where this particular toy will hit Japan later at the end of this month for 2,500 yen a pop – that would be roughly converted to $23 thereabouts.

How does the Kokoro Scanner work? Well, it will be based on the premise that whenever someone ends up as a nervous wreck, the flow of blood of that particular person would be a whole lot faster. Kokoro Scanner intends to fully ride the wave of this physiological phenomenon in order to tell whether a lie has just escaped your lips or not – depicting the results via the light’s color.

Green points to you being relaxed and telling the truth, and if you are in two minds about doing so, it ought to light up in yellow. No prizes for guessing what red means – there is a very high chance that you just fibbed. Seems pretty fun to play with with your mates, but do bear in mind that the results of the Kokoro Scanner cannot be taken seriously because it is a toy at the end of the day.

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