3D Printing is slowly and steadily trying to make its move into the toy industry, and with this latest masterpiece created with the help of 3D printing technology leaves us wanting for more. The HMC Boudicca is a 20-inch multilevel walking tank and it is a treat to watch it work.

It has been assembled with the help of 400 hand-painted, 3D printed parts and has been powered with Arduino-controlled servos, LEDs, and and motors. The outlook of Boudicca is pretty sturdy and impressive, and it comes with more detailed animated features, which are even better than R2-D2. And yes, one can own this machine of utter joy for a whooping amount of $5,000. The brain behind the Boudicca is of Michael Sng, who is a toymaker from Singapore. Interestingly, Sang used to be the lead product designer for STIKFAS chain of action figures.

The Boudicca is Sng’s first creation with the codename “Colossus Project”, which is a a “made-to-order, kinetic toy line set in Europe in an alternate history during The Great War.” The website does not reveal much data about the project, but Boudicca does reminds us of many novel-based fictional characters, circumferencing around huge iron battle machine. Some images of the Boudicca display machine guns and cannons, which does a fair job of making Sng’s model to life.

Although it costs a real deal, but Sng is of a view that if the Codename Colossus garners attention then he will be creating affordable versions of it. As of now, Sng is only creating models as per the demand. The website also states, “More accessibly priced versions would not be anyway close to the same size and will likely not be fully 3D-printed and definitely not be hand assembled,”.

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