lol-ssThere are many, many, video games available today, but is there one that is the most popular? While it does seem unfair given that there are many different genres, the numbers don’t lie and according to a recent research conducted by Superdata (via Polygon), it turns out that the world’s most popular MMO is Riot Games’ League of Legends.

According to Superdata’s findings, the game is currently controlling a whopping 11.9% of the world’s market share in terms of MMOs. This is closely followed by the likes of Crossfire at 11.2%, Dungeon Fighter Online at 11.2%, and Blizzard’s World of Warcraft at 9.1%. Other notable games on the list includes Counter-Strike Online at 1.9%, DotA 2 at 1.7%, and Hearthstone at 1.4%

The research also found that League of Legends is making the most money as far as MMOs are concerned. Its developers have managed to rake in $946 million in revenue for 2014 which is impressive given that the game is free, although it does rely on microtransactions which safe to say ended up paying off for Riot.

In fact according to their calculations, it seems that $1 in every $8 spent in the global MMO market goes to Riot games. As it stands, worldwide MMO revenues is close to $8 billion, but Superdata estimates that it could earn as much as $11 billion this year, and could be pulling $13 billion come 2017. That being said, are you guys surprised at how much League of Legends is trumping the competition?

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