Pebble-steel-900-02The idea of modular smartphones isn’t new. In fact come 2015 Google’s Project Ara will be made a reality, but what about modular smartwatches? Well we’ve seen the concept before, but it looks like that concept could be catching on, at least over at Pebble. The company has recently revealed their plans for their new smartwatch which is expected to launch in 2015.

While we suppose that is to be expected, given that Pebble now has to compete with a lot more companies than it did before, what was interesting was that it was hinted that the next-gen Pebble could be a modular smartwatch. This is according to Myriam Joire, a Pebble evangelist, who stated that the watch would be highly customizable.

This is expected to go beyond the ability of choosing your watch straps where you could either go for a metal or plastic body. When asked if it would include modular components, Joire’s response neither confirmed nor denied it, which has many speculating that modular components could indeed be a feature, although we’re not quite sure how that might work.

Joire also stated that the e-paper screen would be staying, so if you were hoping for an AMOLED display, you would be disappointed. “It’s always on and it gives us great battery life… Sure, we’d love to have an AMOLED screen but that wouldn’t deliver great battery life. Moore’s Law will eventually solve this problem, though.” Pebble’s next-gen smartwatch is expected to be announced in Q1 2015 – are you excited for it?

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