klatz handsetOur smartwatches are capable of many things, such as displaying notifications when we receive an email or text message, offering up the time, tracking our fitness through sensors such as distance ran, calories burnt, steps taken, and so on. Some smartwatches even tells us when we have a phone call.

However wouldn’t it be awesome if we could receive our phone call on our smartwatch? As it stands the current design of smartwatches don’t really allow for that feature, at least not comfortably, but the .klatz smartwatch could. The .klatz is an Indiegogo project that combines both a smartwatch and a handset in a single device.

klatz bandWhen worn was a smartwatch, it looks more like a bracelet, however when unclasped it can also double up as a handset that you can use to answer calls with. Now the device isn’t actually a phone itself but rather a Bluetooth receiver that can be held and used like a phone, which obviously looks better than talking to your watch awkwardly.

It will play nicely with iOS and Android devices that have the Bluetooth 2.1 standard, although Bluetooth LE is also usable depending on the operating mode. The inventors behind .klatz are also boasting about its battery life where it comes with a 600-1,200mAh battery and promises 10 days of use before requiring a recharge. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, head on over to its Indiegogo page and pledge your support.

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