There are games made for the Xbox 360 that are not available for the Xbox One, which means is that if you have either console at home, you will find yourself switching between devices every now and then which might be a tad inconvenient. This is unlike the PC where gamers can switch between games easily and all from the same device.

Well Ed Zarick has decided to do something about it which has resulted in the Xbook Duo, a marriage of the Xbox 360 and an Xbox One combined into a laptop-like device. What this means is that gamers will be able to swap between either console seamlessly. Unfortunately unlike Zarick’s previous creators, the Xbook One and Playbook 4, the Xbook Duo is not available for purchase.

According to Zarick, the Xbook Duo was created more as a proof of concept after he went over to a friend’s house to play Call of Duty, and realizing that switching between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One was not as easy as he thought. His creation also allows for backwards compatibility, something that the Xbox One does not, by quickly powering down one console and switching to the other.

Now if you’re curious as to how it works, do check it out in the video above for the details. In the meantime what do you guys think? Pretty awesome idea, huh?

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