A robot is a double edged sword (pun not intended in this particular case) – where some of them can function as a barista, while others end up as a robot sentry. A Swiss robotics company has come up with a couple of katana-wielding robots, where the demonstration depicted how the robots are so precise in their movement, that ABB Robotics are working on polishing up its artificial intelligence to make it even better.

Each of these robots will hold their very own katana, which is a traditional Japanese sword, and are capable of matching one another move for move. Since both of them come with only a single arm, you will not find the intrigue of left handed sword maneuvers going up against right handed moves, and vice versa.

The thing is, one should not expect nuts and bolts to go flying, since neither robot will hack one another to the death, as the fight would resemble more like a dance. I suppose it has plenty of poetic moves like the sport of capoeira, although the latter could be extremely deadly if used in a lethal manner. Would you be scared of a robot uprising? I suppose that is far more possible than a zombie apocalypse.

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