Earlier today Corning announced Gorilla Glass 4, the latest version of Gorilla Glass which we can only imagine will be tougher than its predecessors. However exactly how tough is it? To what extent will we need to abuse our smartphones/tablets with a Gorilla Glass 4 display until it actually breaks?

Well if you’re curious, the folks at MythBusters have been hired by Corning to test the strength of their Gorilla Glass series of glasses. It’s part promotion, part entertainment, and part fact as well as the videos go through the history of glass and the various innovations made over the years, especially from the likes of Corning.

The video also shows us various Corning products, like the Willow Glass which was shown off to be extremely flexible, not to mention it survived a bench saw cutting without it shattering. Basically the videos are filled with all sorts of stress tests, like glass being hammered, having heavy metal balls dropped on them, and so on, and all in slow-mo too!

The videos also showed off an experimental glass that Corning is working on that could be applied to the windshields of our cars, which apparently not only makes them lighter, but more durable than standard glass. So if you’re curious about the history of glass and you want to see a little destruction in the process, you can check out the videos above and below for the details.

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