Its not uncommon for us to drop our devices and when we pick them up we’re hoping that the glass hasn’t shattered. Corning is company that aims to reduce that anxiety for you. The company’s Gorilla Glass is a staple on many devices these days and today it has announced an update. Gorilla Glass 4 is here and it promises to be even tougher with the ability to withstand rougher falls.

The company claims that Gorilla Glass 4 is up to two times tougher as opposed to competing glass when dropped on a rough surface. Provided that Corning’s claims are accurate then your next smartphone should probably be able to withstand a fall much better.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass is already the first choice for many major smartphone manufacturers, so if you’re reading through a mobile device, chances are that its rocking either Gorilla Glass 2 or Gorilla Glass 3.

According to Corning its latest creation is able to withstand drops of nearly one meter, boasting a survival rate of 80 percent. Obviously its not unbreakable but the point here is that this should be able to protect your device against unintentional drops during normal usage.

Given that this has only just been announced, it may take a couple of months before products touting Gorilla Glass 4 hit the market. Expect the first devices to arrive by early next year.

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