Looks like pizza chain Domino’s wants to be on every available platform out there. It has already launched apps for various mobile platforms which allow customers to not only place their orders but even track their pizzas as well. Just recently Domino’s released a pizza tracker app for Pebble allowing customers to keep an eye on their pie from the get go. Today an official Domino’s app has been released for the Xbox One.


The app obviously has something to do with pizza. Xbox One owners can use the 32MB app to purchase and customize any pizza of their choice, and track its preparation as well as delivery through the console.

There are multiple ways of interacting with the app. The controller works, and so does Kinect. Simply saying out “Domino’s, feed me” loud is enough to launch the app and get straight into the order process.

What this means is that for gamers rocking an Xbox One it is now easier than ever to order Domino’s while they’re playing a game. One can easily fire up this app alongside a game in Snap mode, order and then proceed to track the pizza without ever having to take their eyes off the game.

There is just one caveat, currently the app is only available for Xbox One owners in the United Kingdom.

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