facebook logoWhile Facebook is great to keep up with friends and family and colleagues, if you wanted a more “serious” social network that is related to work, then you’d probably have to turn to LinkedIn which provides more tools and resources to working professionals who are trying to build up their network with other professionals.

The distinction between both social networks is pretty obvious, but it looks like Facebook could be thinking about encroaching upon LinkedIn’s territory. According to sources of the Financial Times (via Mashable), word has it that Facebook is thinking about expanding the social network beyond just social stuff and into the professional world.

Tentatively dubbed Facebook at Work, it will basically be similar to Facebook and will adopt features such as a News Feed, groups, messaging capabilities, except that instead of your News Feed being flooded with celebrity gossip, viral videos, cat photos, and etc., it will be more “professional”, so to speak, and will feature tools to allow for collaboration on shared documents.

Your Facebook at Work account is also said to be a separate account from your regular Facebook account, and apparently it does not host advertising, at least for now, so perhaps it could end up being a paid service, but that’s just speculation for now. As it stands Facebook at Work is said to be in an early pilot program in London so we can’t be sure as to if and when Facebook will be making it public.

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